About Us

Glasgow’s newest independent bookshop, for readers everywhere


Albert Road, Southside

Outwith Books started as a place for people to write together. With a bookshop on the side. We opened in summer 2019 and then… well, you know what happened.

Things switched around, and we’re now a bookshop, with a small writing space out the back. It’s currently dormant, while the pandemic is unresolved.

Outwith Books is owned and run by Natalie Whittle, a former Financial Times journalist.

For all correspondence please email info@outwithbooks.co.uk


A note about our website, made in Glasgow. Developed by Ralph Mackenzie. Art direction Natalie Whittle. Illustrations by Suzie ‘Big Suze’ Cichy. ‘Spoof’ and ‘Chromatica’ fonts by Polytype.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept National Book Tokens? Yes! We redeem and sell National Book Tokens in our shop.

Are you wheelchair accessible? For the moment we are regrettably not accessible to wheelchairs but we hope to start this work soon.

Do you buy second-hand books? We don’t buy or sell second-hand books.

Can I work here? We don’t have any current vacancies but this may change so please email your CV and covering letter to natalie@outwithbooks.co.uk if you are interested in working for us.