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  • By Eric Watt

    Eric Watt’s photographic legacy reveals how the cityscape has changed in the five decades in which he worked, capturing much of Glasgow’s social history, its citizens and streets. Featuring black and white and colour images, this book has commentary putting the social history of Glasgow into context, alongside captions for each image. It is published to coincide with an exhibition of Eric Watt’s work at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum during 2020/21.

  • By Alf B. Bryn

    Recounting Alf Bonnevie Bryn and George Ingle Finch’s memorable trip to Corsica in 1909, Peaks and Bandits is a funny and joyful classic of Norwegian literature.

  • Placeholder
    By Ben Pester

    From the extraordinary mind of debut writer Ben Pester comes a book of stories in which the everyday – work, parents, friends – is not quite what it should be. Taken together, it forms a collection of things we are doing right now, in this lost and terrifying world we are gamely attempting to inhabit. Things like worshipping an imaginary being while trying to be productive; or slowly dying and having nothing to say about it except how tiring it was building the kitchen extension; or having hot martinis with the ambassador in a hotel that ought not to be there. Unsettling, original and occasionally monstrous, these are stories that light the contours of the ordinary world with a shimmering unreality.