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Welcome all Outwithers to the inaugural ‘Outwith Presents’ premiere! 

A new, fortnightly Glasgow-Southside cinematic voyage into the back catalogues of the fringe film world. We’ll be projecting curious gems that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, without lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos or further risking the security of your IP address!

To kick things off we will be showcasing every pastiche movie-buff’s favourite auteur, Wes Anderson, in the first edition of our Wednesday ‘WesAnDay’ series.

Bottle Rocket, Anderson’s directorial debut, co-written by and starring human-labrador-hybrid Owen Wilson, follows three eccentric comrades attempting to pull off a classic Hollywood crime-caper. Of course, in the subdued, signature stylings of Wes Anderson’s droll satire, things quickly go awry.

So come along! There will also be an opportunity to see the short-film of the same name that Anderson then turned into Bottle Rocket, as well as a chance to participate in a brief digest on the film post-screening.

Wednesday 2nd October, 6pm-8.15pm, £5 

Vegan snacks and refreshments available.

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