The Dark Philosophers #4


The Dark Philosophers read…

Sugar and Slate by Charlotte Williams

18:00 – 19:30pm, Wednesday 29 July | Zoom
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A mixed-race young woman, the daughter of a white Welsh-speaking mother and black father from Guyana, grows up in a small town on the coast of north Wales. From there she travels to Africa, the Caribbean and finally back to Wales. What begins as a journey – a story of movement, dislocation and a perennial sense of being ‘half home’ – becomes a fascinating confrontation with herself and with the idea of Wales and Welshness.

Join The Dark Philosophers as we discuss this remarkable personal memoir and explore the broader landscape of BAME writing in Wales. 

Sugar and Slate is available through Planet Magazine’s book shop – – and as a Kindle edition. Try to read the book in advance if possible, but don’t worry if you can’t: passages will be read aloud during the session, as well as extracts from other relevant works. 

All welcome, especially those new to Welsh writing. Any questions, feel free to contact group convenor Casi Dylan on



The Dark Philosophers is a regular, open reading group which brings the literature of Wales out of the shadows. Encompassing writing in Welsh and English, contemporary and ancient, rural and urban, we aim to build a reading list as expansive and complex as this small nation itself.

Alongside a successful academic career Charlotte Williams has engaged with the literary life of her home countries, Wales and Guyana. She is most well known in Wales for her groundbreaking A Tolerant Nation? Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Wales (2015); for her award-winning memoir Sugar and Slate, which won Welsh Book of the Year 2003, and for her published essays in Planet magazine. Currently working in Melbourne as Professor of Social Work and Deputy Dean at RMIT University, she is a regular commentator on issues of Welsh multiculturalism.

Casi Dylan works as Cultural Activities Coordinator at the University of Glasgow. As well as The Dark Philosophers, she runs a monthly Welsh-language reading group as part of the Cymry Glasgow community.