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Because you can read Wales anywhere… (Les Anderson on Unsplash)


Reading the Literature of Wales

6.30pm-8pm, Wednesday 4 March 2020

£1 – Refreshments available

Hot on the heels of St David’s Day, we are excited to launch a new, regular addition to Outwith’s calendar.

Taking its name from Gwyn Thomas’ 1972 series of novellas, this informal reading group will explore the rich, under-celebrated literature of Wales, from its traditions to its contemporary relevance. Encompassing English and Welsh-language writing, rural and urban, contemporary and ancient, over time we’ll build a reading list as expansive and complex as this small nation itself.

“It is a small country, in many ways the archetype of a small country, but its smallness is not petty: on the contrary it is profound, and if its frontiers were ever to be extended, or its nature somehow eased, its personality would lose stature, not gain it.”
Jan Morris, Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country (1984)


We can’t think of a more relevant time to bring Welsh culture into closer conversation with Scotland’s…

No advance reading is required for this first session – we’ll read a short story and a poem there and then, and decide on the direction of our future reading together. Join us for a unique reading group and bring this compelling body of work out of the shadows.

Any questions, feel free to contact group leader Casi Dylan on

All welcome | Croeso i bawb