The Living Letters


First meeting: Monday 17th February 2020

Then monthly on a Monday night, 6pm-8pm

The Living Letters is a new Outwith book group, launching in February 2020 and culminating with a mini literary festival for COP26 in November.

Informed by environmentalism but not bound by it, our reading list will be imaginative, educational and open-minded. We will cover fiction and non-fiction, essays and polemics, journalism, screen-writing and poetry.

We want to think about green issues from all sides, considering the positive and negative influences that economics, politics and industry can exert on a fragile planet.

I could have sworn I saw a shape, distinct and blue, very clear and small, further off than any hill the chart recorded

Nan Shepherd – The Living Mountain

The group will also be a celebration of the natural world and the great writing that has sprung from it, in the tradition of Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, which is our first book title.

After what we hope will be thought-provoking discussions, sometimes led by guest speakers, we will have time and space to write, and the opportunity to share work.

About The Living Mountain

Nan Shepherd wrote this crackling, mysterious and luminous account of living in the Cairngorms during the second world war. The manuscript lay abandoned for decades, before finally being published in 1977. Read the first chapter here

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